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Friday, 5 September 2014

Bang -e- Dara (Volume - 1) (With Meanings of Difficult words)

Bang -e- Dara (Volume - 1)  (With Meanings of Difficult words)

Book Details:

Allama Iqbal had been the regular man’s poet within the impression which by way of the poetry they displayed this accumulated mind in the men and women of the time.

Iqbal, often known as "Shaere-Mashriq" (Poet in the Eastern! ) 1st printed "Bang-e-Dara" (Call in the Caravan) within 03 1924. Since then it offers always been popular using both equally youthful along with the previous. Aside from like a poet, Iqbal had been in addition the thinker, the jurist, the politician, the interpersonal reformer, along with a excellent Islamic college student. Inside Bang-e-Dara, Iqbal’s poetic styles indicate the large selection of practical knowledge as well as show to be inspirational as well as as a minimum entertaining.

Click below to Download Bang -e- Dara (Volume - 1)  (With Meanings of Difficult words).


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