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Friday, 19 September 2014

Downloadable Executable Files. These books will install on your computer

John Abbott:  Napoleon
Carl Becker:  The Eve Of Revolution
R. D. Blackmore:  Tales Of The Great War
D. C. Boulger:  China
Thomas Carlyle:  The French Revolution
Winston Churchill:  The Crisis
Daniel Defoe:  Journal Of The Plague
George Ebers: Serapis
Max Farrand:  Fathers Of The Constitution
E. A. Freeman:  William The Conqueror
Edward Gibbon:
D. M. Gonzales:  London In 1731
F. Guizot:  History of France from the Earliest Times
G. A. Henty: 
Flavius Josephus:
J. Macaffery:
Louise Muhlbach:
Francis Parkman:  Civilization Of The Renaissance

N. W. Stephenson: 


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