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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hacking Exposed Wireless, 2nd Edition

Hacking Exposed Wireless, 2nd Edition

Wireless Security Secrets and Solutions

Hacking Exposed Wireless, 2nd Edition

Book Description:

Defend the cellular techniques coming from crippling assaults when using the comprehensive safety details on this comprehensive size. Completely up to date to pay present day recognized in addition to appearing cellular technology, Hacking Uncovered Wifi, subsequent edition reveals just how opponents use easily obtainable in addition to customized methods to, imbed, in addition to hijack somewhat insecure techniques. That guide talks about the latest developments throughout Wi-Fi, Wireless bluetooth, ZigBee, in addition to DECT hacking, in addition to describes how you can accomplish penetration testing, strengthen WPA security plans, abate supply shot danger, in addition to fasten along Wireless bluetooth in addition to RF gadgets. Cutting-edge approaches for discovering Wi-Fi customers, WPA2, cordless telephones, Wireless bluetooth partnering, in addition to ZigBee encryption are covered on this completely modified guideline.

Book Details:

File size:11.8 MB
File format:PDF

Click below Download Hacking Exposed Wireless, 2nd Edition.


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