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Friday, 19 September 2014

PDF Files: (Adobe Reader Required)

PDF Files: (Adobe Reader Required)

Bacon, Francis :  Various Writings

Bailey, Cyril:  The Religions Of Rome

Beard, Charles and Mary:  History Of The United States

Beesley, A. H.:  Gracchi, Sulla and Marius

Cato The Elder:  Roman Farm Management

Catullus:  Poems And Fragments

Da Vinci, Leonardo:  Note By Leonardo

Dio, Cassius:  Cassius Dio's Rome
Doyle, Arthur Conan :  Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes

Gordy, William F.:  Later American History

Halloran, John:  Sumerian Lexicon

Herodotus:  The Histories

Joyce, James :  Ulysses

Keeling, Anne :  Great Briton And Her Queen

Lemaitre, Jules :  Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Lindsey, David:  Donatello

Livy:  History of Rome

Machiavelli:  The Prince

Marx, Karl:  The Communist Manifesto

Milton:  Paradise Lost

Thomas Moore:  Utopia

Plato:  The Apology

Plutarch's Lives:
Poe, Edgar Allen :  Edgar Allen Various Books

Procopius:  The Secret Histories

Stevenson, James :  Indians Of New Mexico

Suetonius:  The Twelve Caesars

Swift, Jonathan:  A Modest Proposal

Thucydides:  The Peloponnesian Wars

Tolstoy, Leo :  Anna Karenina

Unknown:  Aesop's Fables

Unknown:  Beowulf

Unknown:  Slave Narratives

Virgil:  Aeneid

H. G. Wells: 


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