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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Shaitaniyan Funny Book by Dr. Younas Butt Free Download

Shaitaniyan Funny Book
Dr. Younas Butt Free Download
ree download or read online funny Urdu book "Shaitaniyan" and enjoy the comedy stories of Dr. Younus Butt in Urdu language. Dr. Mohammad Younas Butt is a well known Urdu writer, screenwriter, script writer and the author of various funny Urdu books. He is also the script writer of Popular Urdu drama "Sussar In Law" which was telecasted on PTV. The author also writes the script of the most Funny TV Show "Hum Sub Umeed Sai Hai" which is telecasted on Geo TV. He has written many Urdu books about Fun, entertainment and comedy. Shaitaniyan Urdu book is one of his popular funny Urdu books. In this Urdu book he has collected many Urdu stories which will make you laugh. Dr. Younus Butt has collected the following funny Urdu stories into this Urdu book Shaitaniyan.

  1. Kuch Majazi Khuda Kay Baray Mein      

  2. Piyar Ka Sheher
  3. Dakkan Ki Tawaif
  4. Burhapa Hazar Nemat Hai
  5. Malika Muazzama
  6. Khudkushi Karna
  7. Kuch Aashiq Kay Baray Mein
  8. Baye Kaandhay Ka Farishta
  9. Monchay Tarashna
  10. Buzarg Palna
  11. College Canteen
  12. Hazrat Baba Khand Bux
  13. Bay Kaar Rehna
  14. Gum Hona
  15. Bari Umar Ki Aurat Say Shadi Karna
  16. Bewah Aadmi
  17. Jail Jana
  18. Doctor Qareeb-Ul-Izzat
  19. Fun Ka Labor Room
  20. Larana
  21. Chori Karna
  22. Motapa
  23. Kuch Khana Khanay Kay Baray Mein
  24. Kamar
  25. Adabi Muamma
  26. Hostel Mein Rehna
  27. Motorcycle Kay Pichay Baithna
  28. Shaitan
  29. "I Love You" Kehna
This comedy funny Urdu book Shaitaniyan is Here in Pdf format and as long as 125 pages, you can free download or read online this Urdu book from the blinking buttons below the sample pages.  

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